Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

Why do you ponder any product becomes the best selling product in the market? It is unambiguously because of its functionalities, design, and price. Nulaxy Wireless In-car Bluetooth FM Transmitter is the No 1 bestseller product in the Amazon.

Rating – 4.3 out of 5

nulaxy wireless in car bluetooth fm transmitter radio


We will discuss more on this FM Transmitter Radio. But,  first let us know, which functionalities does the FM Transmitter must include to become the bestseller product in the market?

  • Best Sound Quality
  • Best Design
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Multiple Music playing Mode
  • Latest Bluetooth Version

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Reviews

Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter comprehends all of these functionalities. Let’s discuss briefly on this subject:

1. Best Sound Quality & In-built Microphone – Rating 5.0

CVC – Noise cancellation technology present in this transmitter provides the audible sound and provides packet loss and error concealment.  As a result, it will provide the most authentic sound for music. 6- equalizer mode that includes CLASSIC, POP, JAZZ, ROCK, COUNTRY and NORMAL provides flavor to that authenticity.

Similarly, Built-in Microphone helps you to talk with anyone without the use of hands.Thus, it will make your drive a lot safer.


2. Best Design – Rating 5.0

Better the look, better will be its design. Nulaxy KM22  come with 3d curve screen. It helps you to have the best view of the screen. On the normal Blue Screen, it shows you the Battery and voltage level of the transmitter.

In addition, it is flexible to adjust. You can adjust this transmitter at the best and comfortable angle.


3. Broad Compatibility – Rating 5.0

Nulaxy wireless in-car FM transmitter is compatible with most of the Bluetooth enabled devices. Thus, there is no certain compatibility to use this transmitter.

You can use the transmitter with any other Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphone, iPod, iPhone, etc.


4.Multiple Music Playing Mode – Rating 5.0

There are multiple modes of playing music. You don’t need to be dependent only on Bluetooth to play music. You can play music using:

  • Bluetooth
  • TF card
  • U disk &
  • Aux cable


5. Bluetooth Version – Rating 4.5

Most of the transmitter use 2.0 Bluetooth version. But Nulaxy FM Transmitter uses 3.0 Bluetooth Version which is latest than most of the transmitter. In comparison to the latest Bluetooth Version, it is also the outdated version. But 3.0 version is enough for streaming music in the car


6. Charging Technology. Rating-4.5

While traveling a long distance, your smartphone might be out of battery. In order to charge your phone, you can use this transmitter. Nulaxy Fm Transmitter comes with the inbuilt USB charger. It is easier and faster to charge your mobile phone.



Conclusively, Nulaxy Wireless In-car Bluetooth FM Transmitter radio is the best FM transmitter to buy in 2018. Overall, we will give 4.8 stars out of 5. We have given this rating according to its design, functionalities and price.

If you have any queries regarding this review, feel free to drop your comments.

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