How Bluetooth Transmitter Works on TV?

Have you ever used a Bluetooth Transmitter on TV? If not, In this post we will show you how Bluetooth Transmitter works on TV?

Bluetooth Transmitter is an electronic device that transmits data to another Bluetooth device wirelessly. Another device might be the headphone, speaker, or smartphone. Accordingly, headphone receives the signal, music continues to play in headphone instead of TV.

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Thus, you can enjoy watching TV without disturbing others.

How does Bluetooth Transmitter Work?

It depends on Transmitter, how it gets connected to the television. Some transmitter comes with an audio jack whereas some come with RCA jack. However, the connection method is almost same. This is how Bluetooth Transmitter works on Television.


First of all, you will need to connect the  Transmitter to the television with the help of the RCA connector. It is unnecessary that all the transmitter must come with RCA jack. Some transmitter might come with an audio jack. Thus, in that case, you need to connect the TV to that audio jack.


rca jack

After connecting the transmitter to TV, Switch on the transmitter by pressing down on the On button and holding it down for several seconds. You will notice the light blinking in the transmitter. It means that your transmitter is switched on.


transmitter on


Now, you will need to pair the transmitter with another Bluetooth Device. You can pair another Bluetooth device by holding the Bluetooth button for several seconds until it gets paired with the transmitter.


pairing with the bluetooth speaker


Finally, you can enjoy the music in your headphone or speaker. This is how the Bluetooth transmitter works.

Let’s also see.

How you can turn a non-Bluetooth speaker into Bluetooth speaker with the help of the transmitter.

The non-Bluetooth speaker comes with an audio cable. Thus, you can connect the audio cable of that speaker to the transmitter.

speaker connect

After connecting an audio cable to the transmitter, you can pair your iPod with the transmitter Isn’t that simple? And finally, you can enjoy the music in your speaker.

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