Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence


Having a pet is always entertaining and fun. Plus, they add color to your lives as well as serve to be your good friend. But the fun and excitement level exceeds the whole boundaries while you have a dog as your animal. In the real sense, the dog is a guy’s best companion. In this entire nature, the dog is only the pet who might sacrifice their life for you even without requiring anything from the owner. Yes, that’s the dog love for its master or whatsoever you name it. For that reason, they deserve all the care and love in the world.

Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence

When you have a dog as your animal, it’s your duty to keep your pet happy as well as in good condition. In addition to that, you as well require to keep them active and fit and this is where working out comes in. It is significant that you train your dog accurate because it will assist them to stay protected and secure. Like such as, if you live in a community full of crowd, then there are opportunities that your pet can run away and be unable to find its way back home. This can lead the lives of your pet at risk from many dangers. To avoid these things, you may get your pet the best wireless dog fence. It is one of the greatest products especially considered for dogs. Here in this guide, we are going to include everything accurately related to the wireless dog fence. Below, you’ll find 5 of the Best Wireless Dog Fence that can definitely help you!

Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence Comparison Table

ProductPet SizeMaximum RangePrice
PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems8 lb. and up1/2 acre (90 ft radius); add transmitters to increase area
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Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence1.2 acres.
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Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System8 lb. and upup to a 1/2 acre (180-foot diameter)
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Extreme Dog Fence8 lb. and up
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PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence5 pounds and more with neck sizes 6 to 28 inches3/4 acre (210 feet in diameter).
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Petsafe Wireless Containment System

Petsafe Wireless Containment System

This Petsafe Wireless Containment System is one of the greatest wireless dog fences in the market. The system gives you with a circular radius for your pet which covers up to half an acre of land. In addition to, the greatest part is that the boundary range is changeable and can be comprehensive up to 90 ft. in all the ways. On the other hand, it as well as more great features including the receiver collar that is created water-resistant so, that you can make use of it on your pet for all kinds of weathers. Besides, this best wireless dog fence comes with battery indicator and five levels of the correction system. This is a perfect product that is portable and it’s ideal for pets below eight pounds.


  1. Keep your animals safely included in your backyard without any fences to dig and no wires to bury.
  2. Easy setup in just 1-2 hours, making it best for any house, Recreational Vehicle  or outdoor camping.
  3. It can fits animals 8 pound. or more with neck sizes 6 to 28 in An endless variety of family pets can be contributed to the system as long as they use a PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar.
  4. Adjust your pet’s circular boundary up to 90 feet in all directions.



Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

This is not a completely wireless dog fence system but it will certainly assist you to perfectly train the dogs. You can easily train your pet with the help of using this system. The features including vibrations and use of small socks are actually featured to alert the dog while they commit the mistake of overpass the set perimeter. Simultaneously this shock warns are not hurtful to the dog so, you don’t have to worry regarding that at all. The collars are made to perfectly fit across the neck of your dog even without causing your pet any distress. This hidden dog fence is designed with the latest technology and therefore, comes with inside cords that are used to set a hidden boundary. The product comes with reliever collar with five levels of correction for your dog. In addition to, the Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence has a lot of additional good features that make it wholly worth your budget and time.


  1. The system includes 955 foot of strong copper wire enough wire to cover 1.2 acres.
  2. Teach your pet dogs to act in the simplest way without any aggravating episodes.
  3. It has Updated STRONG copper border wire. Enhanced transmitter efficiency. Extended rechargeable battery life.


Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Containment System

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

This is another one of the best wireless fence systems that you will come across in the market. The Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Containment System is essentially made for those who have more than one pet. Now, you don’t need to worry about your pets, because with the help of this system, the dogs in your yard may roam and play freely. The product is adjustable so you may adjust the perimeter according to your necessity. Also, one of the best features in this system is it comes with a water-resistant receiver collar.


  1. It covers an adjustable circular location of as much as a 1/2 acre.
  2. Water resistant receiver collar utilizes 6-volt battery.
  3. This is best Wireless radio-fence containment system for family pets weighing 8 pounds or more.

Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation -2018

If you are searching for a proficient and great wireless dog fence product, then this is one of the best choices for you! You can easily train your pet by using this dog fence. This product is actually designed to fully control and train the dog, also you can simply install this system in a yard and after installing it you feel your dog will be protected and safe. You can use this system so as to manage more than a single dog. This wireless dog fence features 5 levels of correction and it’s perfect for large places.

The eXtreme Pet dog Fence system is the best D.I.Y.static correction family pet containment system for the pet dog owner with as much as 25 acres of protection requirements. The plan consists of the basic elements you require to setup your inground pet dog fence, train your pet dog, and make sure that your pet dog remains securely included in the border you set.

You can set the limit zone from in between simply a couple of inches to as much as about 32 feet size, permitting you to determine the buffer in between your pet and your limit wire, depending upon your own requirements and spatial restrictions.


  1. The extreme Pet dog Fence Consists of a Collar Receiver that is TOTALLY Water Resistant.
  2. Transmitter will accommodate anywhere from a fraction of an acre up to 25 full acres.
  3. This Underground Dog Fence Comes with a 1 Year Warranty on the Electronics and a 2 Year Warranty on the Wire.

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

If you love to visit different places with your pet then PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence is perfect for you! The product has all the features that a traveler required in a good wireless dog fence. In addition to, this system is entirely portable and convenient so you may carry it with you wherever you need. This wireless dog fence is best for those who have a dog that weigh up to five pounds or more than that. Besides, the collar is equipped with five levels of correction.

The Stay+Play Wireless Fence produces a circular border for your animal to be included from 22 to 105 feet in all instructions (as much as 210 feet throughout). The Border is adjustable with a turn of the dial.
Your family pet gets a caution tone from the light-weight, water resistant collar as he approaches the Limit Zone. If he wanders off even more, he gets a safe Fixed Correction advising him to go back to the Family pet Location. The collar provides 5 levels of Fixed Correction, plus a tone-only choice, so you make certain to discover the ideal suitable for your animal’s character. With simply a couple of brief training sessions, you’ll produce a safe and secure limit for liberty and enjoyable.


  1. It has adjustable range with approximately 105 feet in all any direction from the indoor transmitter.
  2. Each collar charge lasts as much as 3 weeks per charge depending upon frequency of usage.
  3. This is great portable wireless system sets up in 1-2 hours.
  4. You can add an unlimited number of pets with additional wireless fence receiver collars.

Final Verdict

The best wireless dog fence that we mentioned above are perfect for you to train your pet. No matter what type and what size of pet you have because these wireless containment systems work very well on all types of pets. So, if you own a pet then make sure you have one of these wireless dog fences at your home.


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