Top 10 Best TV Under 300 Reviews

If you lack money, branded TV tagged with an exorbitant price isn’t always the best choice to go for. The brand name might be the source of attraction. It will display pretty decent quality yet the best TV under 300 won’t dissatisfies you.

Do you watch the brand name on TV?

Nah! You will watch a video. Won’t it? So, why wasting a load of money on TV while you can buy the same feature on other TV.

From Black and white television to straight 4k in 2018. Technology is changing frequently so as its display quality. Who knows, what comes next? Thus, you have to invest wisely in electronics products.

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Let’s check the best TV for 2018!

Top 10 Best TV Under 300 for 2018

ProductResolutionInchesOur Rating
Sceptre X438B-FSR
1080 Pixel434.5
Samsung UN32M5300A 1080 Pixel434.1
Vizio D48-D0 1080 Pixel484.1
TCL 43S305
(Amazon's choice)
1080 Pixel434.1
Seiki SE43FK1080 Pixel434.1
LG 32LJ550B
720 Pixel324.4
Samsung UN32J5003 1080 Pixel324.2
HISENSE 32H3B2720 Pixel324.3
Sony KDL32W600D 720 Pixel323.8
Sceptre X322BV-SR 720 Pixel324.3

1. Sceptre X438BV-FSR Review – Best For Money

Sceptre 43 Inches 1080p LED TV X438BV-FSR (2017)Even at the budgeted price, if 43 inches LED TV comes with a high-resolution quality, you must have to go for it. The best feature of this TV is its size and quality. It can display video of 1080 pixel which is enough to watch HD movies and series. The TV produces a serene sound which equally represents the notable feature of this product.

Talking about its looks, it is superfine. It is slimmer yet most comfortable too to watch. You can place the TV on the table by inserting the stand. Alternatively, you can mount it on the wall to watch your favorite shows.

At the back of the TV, you will find 3 USB port which is used to insert a flash drive. It provides more opportunity to surf more videos and pictures through a pen drive. Furthermore, you can scan your files in your large screen.

Besides these, you can use this TV as a monitor. You merely need to insert an HDMI cable into the HDMI port and connect it into CPU. How wonderful would it be to use a PC in 43″ screen?

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2. Samsung UN32M5300A SMART LED TV Review

Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model) (Certified Refurbished)Samsung is the one of the most selling electronic product in the world. It is same for the TV as well. This TV is best for its elegant features and its quality. Smart in the sense, you can access anything from this TV. Due to inbuilt wifi, you can access the internet and can surf everything with this TV.

It displays mindblowing picture quality. Due to the variation of enriched color, the video displayed will be crystal clear and can enjoy the full HD experience with this TV.

A video is not only the factor that fascinated us toward TV. It must have Dolby sound too. Thus, this TV uses DTS premium sound to optimize it helping to produce much better and clear sound.

The echo sensor is another feature that makes this TV awesome. It maintains the brightness of TV according to its surrounding. This definitely aided to protect our eyes from extreme luminosity. In addition, it will conserve the maximum energy as well.

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3. Vizio D48-D0 Review – Amazing Features

VIZIO 48-Inch 1920 x 1080 Smart LED TV D48-D0 (2016)The extra large dimension added with smart features decently makes its position on our list. 48 inches tv – Can you imagine the TV at such medium price? This smart TV functions smartly and granted you to access the internet. Consequently, you can surf and watch any videos you love to watch on the internet.

It is way too entertaining to watch movies on such widescreen with such dope quality which adjusts 1080 pixel. Backlight helps to distribute led light uniformly entirely on this TV that transmits uniform light in the entire screen. As a result, it provides pictures with more saturated contrast and pure black level.

The refresh rate is equally higher for this TV which is approximately 120Hz that helps to provide the best picture which is needed during sports telecasts.

And finally, in contrast to other TV, it depicts faster moving scenes with admirable clarity.

All of the amazing feature on single TV with such budgeted price. On this account, Vizio might also remain the best TV choice for you.

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4. TCL 43s305 smart TV Review

TCL 43S305 43-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Another smart Led TV on our list that is best due to its streaming functionality. Operating this TV, you can stream up to 4000 channels and 45000 movies plus TV series. Most of these channels are of exceptional quality.

You can cast your favorite movie on TV using your mobile phone. You just need to open the app and scroll your favorite movies to render it into your TV. Through the fingertips to the TV, all are wireless!

It is often possible that when the screen is larger, a faster scene might get blurred. TCL has faster refresh rate resulting to play any scene without any blurriness. Thus, it doesn’t let it happen.

Talking about its picture quality, it supports 1080 pixels. On the top of that, it uses direct led light to project the picture onto the screen. Hence, the picture projected will be of awesome quality.

Thus, all of these qualities combining to make this TV be the best companion for your home.

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5. Seiki SE43FK Review

Seiki SE43FK 43-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)Seki is best for its functionalities. The feature that I liked the most is its parental control function. The parent can set up the channel based on its rating. As a result, it will display only the channel that has been rated denying non-rated programs. Hence, children behavior can be improved by disallowing harmful programs.

Seiki supports up to 1080 pixel video which is more than enough to enjoy quality videos. LED screen is another feature that helped project high-quality video. It offers to provide high enriched colored pictures with better brightness and contrast.

The slimly designed tv also supports HDMI connectivity. It consists of 3 HDMI port allowing it to connect set up box, projector, and PCs.

If you buy this TV, you will get a 1-year warranty and free customer support.

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  • Does not support Smart Feature
  • The refresh rate is low which is just 60 Hz. [/su_note]

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6.LG 32LJ550B Reviews

LG 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 32LJ550B (2017)LG 32LJ550B is best for its impressive picture and sound quality. Though it supports only 720p video quality, it uplifts its color presentation style. As a result, you can feel the vibes of a scene in your brain. The color looks more pleasant. The sky looks more bluer while the grass looks more greener than projected in any other TV.

Frankly speaking, a speaker is another feature that makes this TV more prominent. It feels like you are hearing sound from any direction. Affirmative, from all direction. It is due to LG virtual sound surround system.

In addition, this TV saves more energy as well. Hence, the cost of an electricity will be reduced by a significant amount.

Apart from these, the smart feature of LG allows the better interface to offer different movies that can be easily accessed through the internet. More apps like Amazon, Youtube, Netflix are easily accessed while using this TV.

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7. Samsung UN32J5003 Review

Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)For the fluent standard quality video, you can always choose a Samsung UN32J5003 TV. It is worthiest because of its anti blurring capability which supports the motion rate exactly equal to 60. It means that any faster video can be played without any blurriness at the same resolution. The higher resolution it can support is up to 1080 pixel.

The color enhancer capability of this TV offers to provide best picture quality. It doesn’t matter either the channel projected is HD or not. It just enhances the quality of any picture.

Another feature to notice is its sound. It has best sound quality yet it can be improved by using HDMI connection. For this, you can connect external speaker using HDMI cable. It consists of 2 HDMI port.

Furthermore, you can easily play any video, slide your photos using USB by inserting pen drives into the USB port.

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8. HISENSE 43H43 Roku TV Review

Hisense 43H4D Roku 43-inch HD Smart DLED TV

The LED display plays an influential role in screening the best quality video on the TV. Hisense TV uses LED display and is best for the streaming channel. It can stream up to 4500 channels. In the same way, more than 50000 movies and other TV series can be played online. The video quality displayed is of top-notch quality which supports 1080 pixel.

On the top of that, all of these features can be controlled through your mobile phone. You can search the video either by typing with the keyboard or using your voice to search for it. Hence, it is reliable to search videos on the TV.

If you think the quality of sound on TV isn’t satisfactory then you can improvise it using HDMI connection. You can externally connect the speaker using HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI port of the TV. As a result, the extremely clear sound will be produced.

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9. Sony KDL32W600D

Sony 32-Inch 720 p Smart LED TV KDL32W600D (2016)The brand name ‘SONY’ always comes to the top of the list in terms of a TV or any electronic gadget. The trust it has maintained over the year fulfilled a major role to flourish its name. Sony TV is great because of its reliability, quality, and maintainability.

There is no quality comparison of sony with other TV. X-reality pro offers to provide the superfine quality video. The video displayed will be crystal clear and will appear much brighter. It will try to reduce noise by achieving to provide more sharp videos.

It is slimmer in size yet provide the 720-pixel HD videos. Quality is also maintained by Motionflow XR240. It helps to display the video precisely without any blur.

Cable management is another feature that makes this TV great from other TV. All the cable are managed across the back of the TV. Hence, you will no longer see spare cable near the TV.

Screen mirroring is also the cool feature of this TV. You can enjoy your app letting it run on your TV. Thus, you can play the game, watch a movie on your 32 inches TV.

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10. Sceptre X322BV-SR Reviews

Sceptre 32 Inches 720p LED TV X322BV-SR (2016)Last but not the least, Sceptre is at number 10 on our list. The best feature of this TV is its mounting facility on the wall. You can easily clamp it into the wall. If you don’t like to place it on the wall, you can easily position it on the table by inserting the TV stand.

Secondly, this TV supports higher resolution video which is exactly equal to 720 pixels. The picture quality will be awesome due to its higher contrast. The contrast ratio for this TV is 5000:1.

2 HDMI port will be found on this TV is used to connect the audio speakers to improve the audio and visual quality of this device. For this, you need to use HDMI cable.

If you buy this TV, you will get free 60 days tech support.

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But you must have to consider the following things before buying a TV.

How to choose the Best TV?

1. TV Dimension

It solely depends on you, what size of TV you wanted? There is conspicuously 32 and 43 inches TV. If you buy the 43 inches TV, the quality of TV will be of less quality yet it is more entertaining to watch movies on it. The 32 inches tv offers the most outstanding quality.

2. TV resolution

Inevitably go for the higher resolution. The higher resolution supported by 300$ TV is 1080 pixels. It does not mean you cannot go for 720 pixels. The picture quality will be a bit higher in 1080p in comparison to its predecessor quality.

3. Sound Quality

Watching TV won’t be much entertaining if it produces terrible sound. You can connect an external speaker through HDMI port yet the internal sound must be pleasing. TV must produce clear sound with good bass.

4. Brightness

It will be difficult to watch TV if it doesn’t have a higher brightness. Thus, it must be able to increase its luminosity to its fullest so that it will be easier to watch TV in the daytime. The picture will be much more vivid with the brightness level increased.

5. Color Composition

TV must have enhanced picture quality. Although, all tv comes with good picture quality. However, the enhanced picture quality helps to provide more life to the picture. The scenic beauty will be much clearer with its better color composition.


To sum up this, we have considered Sceptre as the best TV for 2018. It is a pretty perfect TV with the much cheaper price. All the features included in this TV are of decent quality. However, if you want to buy the TV with better HD experience, you can go for 32 inch TV with 1080p quality.

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All of these TV listed above are rated based on their price, features and its qualities. Thus, all the TVs are best accordingly. You can buy the TV that remains the choice of your interest.

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