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Is it entertaining to watch a movie with an audio delay? Exactly not! Audio and video must be synchronized in the proper flow. Thus, you need the best low latency Transmitter.

Low latency transmitter delivers sound in sync with visual media. It reduces delay and improves the end-to-end speed of the audio transmission, resulting in a high quality, synchronized user experience.

Do you know, when a low latency transmitter is used? Let’s check this out!

1. Video chat

A small delay is not a problem during video chat. But if there is a delay more than 1 minute then there is a problem. You may have seen a live reporting on Television. A reporter asked a question to another reporter, and the latency in their exchange results in long pauses and the two parties talking over each other.

It doesn’t seem awkward but if it may have taken more than minutes then it would have looked awkward

2. While Watching TV

If you are watching an event on  TV and if there is a latency issue,  probably it doesn’t make you happy. Thus at that time you need a low latency transmitter

After considering, when it is used. Let’s discuss why to use low latency transmitter.

1. Proper lip sync & No Audio Delay

Have you ever watched a movie with an audio delay? I have watched one and it makes me feel irritated. When there is a proper lip sync, even if it is a bad movie, it’s entertaining to watch.

Thus, to watch the TV with synchronized audio and video, you need low latency Bluetooth transmitter.

2. Good User experience

For also a good user experience, you need a transmitter with low latency delay. Why am I saying this? Because let’s suppose; you have bought a transmitter with a high latency delay. Promptly you are watching a movie with that recently bought transmitter. Consequently, what you will realize is an audio delay. A video might get synchronized faster than an audio.

Thus, in order to feel the reality of TV shows or movies, you need low latency transmitter.

So finally, what is the best low latency transmitter to buy in 2018? I have reviewed many products related to the transmitter and the best transmitter is

Avantree aptx low latency transmitter

Avantree aptx Bluetooth low latency transmitter is the best transmitter to buy in 2018. The specialty of this transmitter is built-in aptx low latency support that ensures no audio lag while watching a movie or tv.

bluetooth transmitter reviews

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It comes with the 3.5mm audio splitter that allows you to share the sound from your movie with a friend. It can be used as both transmitter and receiver. Accordingly, both the transmitter and receiver can be paired and used with other Bluetooth supported devices.

It offers a great range and has broad compatibility. It can achieve a range of up to 30 ft.


  • No lip sync delay
  • Great Range
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Dual Link and Free Combination

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