Airtame Wireless HDMI Review

What most people do to stream their slideshow in colleges, offices or school? Oftenly, they use projectors. Isn’t it? Using only a projector endures a hectic thing. Plugging the cable into the projector and using a keyboard to move the slideshow and sitting near the laptop whole time to present the slideshow is a bit rational.

What if you can move your slides with your mobile? Isn’t that be awesome?

Airtame is a wireless HDMI device that will aid you to do the job. Airtame is a miniature electronic wireless device that transmits the data to another gadget without using wires and helps to stream simultaneously. You can stream the slideshow in more than 20 devices. Merely imagine how difficult it would be to stream in 20 devices with using wires!

Airtame Wireless HDMI Display Adapter for Businesses & Education

You can also use a wire to connect to another device using Airtame. You just need to buy 25$ ethernet cable to do so.

Not the only slides, you can operate this device for various purposes. Therefore, this device might remain your choice of interest to use in offices, schools, and homes.

Why Airtame?


1. More Secure 


Airtame is more secure than most of the HDMI devices out there.

Most of the wireless HDMI devices use an open connection to connect to the device. As a result, an intruder can connect to the device and sneak what is going on there! They can also share their screen in the middle of the discussion with the fake data. It might cause unenviable reputation on you and your colleagues.

But the Airtame uses WPA2 enterprises. Wpa2 is the most secure connection right now. You need to use WP2-password to connect to the device. Thus, only the authorized personnel can share their screen.


2. Cross-platform support

cross platform

Cross-platform support is the best feature that must be included in all HDMI devices. Cross-platform support means the device that is supported in every operating system platform.

Do student in school uses Mac only? Of course not, different students have a different choice. Therefore, if the device hasn’t been cross-platform, what is the use of that device when there is a variety of OS(operating system).

Airtame is a cross-platform supported device. It is supported in Mac as well as Windows. In term of mobile phones, it is supported in ios as well as Android.

Consequently, using airtame you can stream your presentation on any platform of laptops and mobile phones.


3. Pin code function to connect

pin enter

It is always frustrating to use long wpa2-password to connect to the device. Instead of using wpa2-password, Airtame has introduced a pin code function to connect the device. It is the new function introduced by Airtame.

Airtame authorizes you a 4 digit pin code. The pin code is shown on the TV screen. After entering the 4 digit pin code, you can connect to the device and start streaming the live screen.

It also ensures that only the users in the room can connect to the device.


4. Display dashboard and KPI Tracking

kpi and dashboard

A dashboard is the visual representation of essential data to achieve a goal. Airtame has the ability to display the real-time KPI(key performance indicator) and dashboard.

Using Airtame, you can set any website as a background when it is being unused for streaming. You can set any dashboard of your choice using third-party dashboard providers.

In business, you need to set the KPI to track your success level. Once you select the business metric, you can track the KPI using real-time reporting tool.

It is possible to track real-time data using Airtame.


5. Cloud-Based Management 


Airtame uses a cloud to manage all of the devices connected to the network. You need to login to the to track the status of any connected devices.

You can check the:

  • Status of device
  • Ip address
  • Access point status etc.

from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. You can also perform the reboot and update action.


6. Audio & video Support 

audio support

Airtame device also enables you to stream audio and video. But what we have found is, airtame is best for streaming presentations and slideshows. It doesn’t mean that you can’t stream audio and video using Airtame.

They need to improve the performance of audio and video quality while streaming. Hope they will try to boost the performance of an audio and video.


These remain the key features, that is making Airtame peculiar from other HDMI devices. Let’s see how you can install it on the projector or TV.

How to use Airtame?

Airtame is easy to install and it is straightforward to use.

1. You need to insert the device into HDMI port of TV or projector. In case if your TV is at an unsupported place to insert the device. Airtame comes with HDMI extender where you can use the HDMI extender to employ the device.

Airtame Wireless HDMI Display Adapter for Businesses & Education

2. Now, power it up with the USB port.

3. Afterward, you will follow the guide to use it.

4. You need to download the software to connect to another device.

5. Ultimately, stream and share your screen.



Airtame wireless HDMI dongle is specially designed for schools and offices to present their slideshows and presentations.  Airtame is a bit expensive but the features included in it is worth buying.

According to our user experience operating this device, we are giving 4.9 rating. We have given this rating based on its features, functionalities, and price.

If you have any queries related to this post, feel free to contact us.

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