How to use Bluetooth FM Transmitter in Car?

If you guys have already used the Bluetooth FM transmitter, then you might know how it works. For those, who haven’t operated it yet, In this post, I am sharing How Bluetooth FM transmitter works in the car.

FM Transmitter is a device that broadcasts a signal from a portable audio device to a Standard FM station. Thus, you can listen to the various FM station.

Bluetooth FM transmitter helps you to convert a non-Bluetooth audio device to Bluetooth audio device. Once you paired the Mobile Bluetooth with the Transmitter, you can listen to the music in the car.

Let’s see how to use FM Transmitter in Car.

First of all, what you need to do is find the cigarette lighter in the car. The cigarette lighter is used to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in or near an automobile.


cigratee lighter


You can now Plug in the Bluetooth Fm transmitter to the cigarette lighter of the car.  It will connect the transmitter and car audio.


plug in


After plugging in the transmitter, Switch on the transmitter by pressing down on the ON button in the transmitter.


switch on


Now, Turn on the ignition in the car. Accordingly, you will see the red light blinking in the transmitter


ignition on


Note: What you have to keep in mind is the frequency in the transmitter and frequency in the car must be identical.

Simultaneously, Put the car audio in the FM mode.


fm on


Finally, you can turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone and pair with the transmitter.  After getting paired, play the music on your phone and you can enjoy the music in your car. You can increase the volume and can also change the song with the button present in the transmitter.

Don’t forget to turn off the Bluetooth while leaving the car!

If you have any queries regarding how to use FM transmitter, feel free to contact us.

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