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(Last Updated On: May 3, 2018)

Won’t you like to fly a drone much comfortably? Not the only drone, but many RC devices can be controlled through best RC Transmitter. RC stands for radio control. RC transmitter is generally used to control a toy airplane or any other devices remotely through radio signals.

Radio control transmitter has some kinda handheld device that includes some types of controls and transmitter. The Transmitter sends a  signal to the receiver in a toy. Afterward, the RC transmitter can control the toy. This is how a transmitter controls an RC plane.

The basic component of an RC transmitter is the transmitter, receiver, and servos. You must recognize the following things in radio control gear.

1. Number of Channel vs channel number

The meaning of channel in ‘ Number of channels ‘ and ‘ channel number ‘ are two completely different things.

Let’s see what does channel in Number of channels means?

Both an Aeroplane and RC system have a channel. Here, the channel means the controllable system of the plane. A one channel  RC plane has only one function that can be controlled by the pilot. For example rudder movement or electric motor on/off. Two channel means rudder and motor whereas three channel means rudder, motor, and elevator.

Let’s move on to Channel number:

Here channel means, in which radio frequency channel, RC gear is working on.

2. Transmitter Trims

Transmitter trims are essentially for fine tuning the flight and remove unwanted tendencies that the plane might have in the air.

3. Receiver

A receiver is located inside the system and is directly connected to each servo.

4. Servos

No of servos varies according to the number of channels that the RC system has.

Let’s check the best RC transmitter reviews for 2018

Best RC Transmitter Reviews

1. Spektrum DX6E 6ch Transmitter – For Airplanes

transmitter for airplanes

Spektrum DX6E 6ch transmitter is the best airplane transmitter to buy in 2018. Built-in telemetry is the special functionality included in this transmitter. A virtually unlimited model memory transmitter store up to 250 model which is enough and much more than rest of the transmitter.

Cross-platform model sharing is another cool feature of this transmitter resulting to use this transmitter in other models.

This transmitter uses 4 AA sized battery. Thus, you can easily buy these batteries in the market.

Not only for an airplane, this transmitter is equally best for helicopters, sailplane, and Multirotor. Let’s see the programming of these devices.

The Airplane programming includes:

  • 7 wing types
  • 6 tail types
  • 3 flight modes
  • 4 programmable mixes

Sailplane programming includes:

  • 4 wing types
  • 3 tail types

The Helicopter programming includes:

  • 7-point throttle curve
  • 7-point pitch curve
  • 7-point tail curve

Multirotor programming includes

  • Multirotor channel inputs
  • Multirotor checklists

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2. FLYSKY RC 3 CH Transmitter TX – For CAR BOAT

flysky rc transmitter

Flysky RC transmitter offers 3 channel which comes with the larger display. It has superactive and passive anti-jamming capabilities, which makes this transmitter super great. It weighs only 328 gm. Thus, it is very restful to carry.

This transmitter adapts AFHDS (automatic frequency hopping digital system) technology, which is first introduced technology by FLYSKY. It has a radio frequency range of up to 2.40 – 2.48 GHz. 2.4 GHz is best radio frequency to use.

It has a bandwidth of 500Hz and it retains RF power less than 20 DB.  The cool feature of this transmitter is, You will get low voltage warning when less than 9v.

Though it offers only 3 ch, it is no 2 on our list just because of its feature and price. It is the more suitable transmitter for beginners.

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3. FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Radio Transmitter 

frsky transmitter

16 x 13 x 6 inches Frsky transmitter offers 16 number of channels and weighs 8 pounds. Yes, 16 channels, which is more than most of us will ever need!

The model memory of this transmitter is 60 and you expand the memory using SD card, which is another prominent feature of this transmitter.The operating voltage of this device is 6v to 15 v.

Real-time Flight Data Logging Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts and Super Low Latency Smart Port Supported Vibration Alerts are two different alerts provided in this system.

It is a bit more expensive than Flysky, if you can invest it, this transmitter becomes the best RC transmitter.

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4. GoolRC OEM GC6 Transmitter – For Helicopter and Multicopter

transmitter goolrc

GoolRc transmitter offers 6 channels and is the customized version of flysky fs-ip6. It has AFHDS2A radio transmission system.

This transmitter will guarantee your extensive range and anti-interference experience. It offers 500 m control distance and 3″ display will ease your fly for clear data viewing and menu surfing.

It is equipped with one 3-position switches and three 2-position switches. Accordingly, it will make your fly much more comfortable.

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5. Futaba 8JH– 8 Channel

futaba transmitter


Futaba transmitter comes with the internal antenna. Thus, it is easy to carry without worrying about the antennas getting damaged. It offers 8 channel which is enough for beginners

The model memory of this transmitter is 20 with 10 character model and user naming, which is great. The sticks and the gimbal have a ‘premium’ quality to it which you’ll definitely want if you are an intermediate to advanced pilot.

Some of the features you will enjoy using this transmitter is:

  • Frequency hopping security
  • Wirelessly transfer data between an 8j transmitter
  • Trim step adjustability

It has fail-safe on all 8 channel.

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Conclusion: Which RC gear is best for you

1. MHZ or GHz

2.4 GHz is best suited for the beginners and experts.

2. The Number of channels:

It totally depends on you how many channels you want.

3. Mode

Mode 2 is suitable, if you are a beginner otherwise it totally depends on you.

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